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  • Ahno Cutting Tools: customer confidence thanks to Balzers coatings

    Ahno Cutting Tools: customer confidence thanks to Balzers coatings “We gain customer conficende with coatings from Balzers.”

    — Dr. Ke
    founder of Ahno Cutting Tools

    10 regrinding centres in all the important regions in China and one of the most modern machinery – after only one decade, Ahno Cutting Tools have already assumed the position as leading supplier of carbide tools and provider of tool regrinding services – a success story.

    Since the beginning the proprietor Dr. Ke has been placing emphasis on cutting edge technology in order to provide high-performance products himself – coated with Oerlikon Balzers BALINIT® coatings. What originated as an idea is now a prospering company with an exclusive product portfolio. Well-known customers in the automobile industry such as Volkswagen, GM, FORD, Schaeffler or Bosch place their bets on the Ahno Cutting Tools expertise in the tools field, as well as the aviation industry with Honeywell, Pratt & Withney or McQuary and LG for air conditioning systems.

    Ahno Cutting Tools benefits from a fast growing tool market in China. The main focus has always been on the quality of the products: „The customers attach high importance to the quality, only cutting edge technology can meet this claim. Particularly due to the fact that we use Balzers coatings, it is easier for us to gain the confidence of our customers”, is how Dr. Ke describes the recipe for success of the cooperation between Ahno Cutting Tools and Oerlikon Balzers. Keeping up the speed in opening up all the important metal-working regions in China on time is decisive in this fast developing market. Only Oerlikon Balzers has thus far been able to keep up with the expansion speed of Ahno Cutting Tools and therefore to ensure a fast, straightforward and highest quality production at the same time. By now Oerlikon Balzers operates 9 coating centres in China. The market for precision tools continues to grow in China. Even after 10 years Ahno Cutting Tools still consider themselves at the beginning in view of market outlook and want to invest in efficient high-capacity products for their customers. The high-performance coatings of Oerlikon Balzers shall thereby continue to help gain the confidence of the customers.

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