Oerlikon in China

In early 1960’s, Oerlikon started to conclude business deals in China. For the past 30 years, China's economy has made remarkable achievements. While contributing to China’s development of relevant industries and elevation through its own advanced technique and product, Oerlikon well developed in China at the same time. In the year 2015, China market has occupied 24 % of the group sales, and is still developing with a high speed. 

Today in China, Oerlikon has more than 1 500 Chinese employees at 22 locations. Oerlikon Suzhou Industry Park has been the biggest and the most important production site except Europe. In 2012, Oerlikon officially opened its Chinese headquarter in Shanghai. This enables the company to further develop in China, and provide service to Chinese customers more efficiently and with higher quality.

In 2014, the Manmade Fibers Segment celebrated its 50th year of business success in China. The Surface Solutions Segment opened its first coating center in 2004, and to date already has a network of 12 centers distributed all over the country. The country chief representative team in Beijing and Shanghai, together with the shared service center in Suzhou, has been playing a key role in Oerlikon’s expansion in China. At the Oerlikon Suzhou Industrial Park, support is provided to all Segments in central services such as IT, finance, HR, administration and staff development. The country chief representative team offers regional business support to all Segments in China to accelerate their business growth. China takes a “One joint Oerlikon in China” approach, focusing on an “In China for China” business model to drive long-term profitable growth.

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