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INUBIA I equipment

INUBIA I (Integrated) – the fully integrated and automated solution for high-volume plastic metallisation.

INUBIA I6 and I15 are fully automated and user friendly systems that provide ePD™ based coatings. The integrated system, completely developed by Oerlikon Balzers, enables high-volume mass production in accordance with automotive specifications.

ePD™ is the short form for “embedded PVD for Design Parts” and represents an environment-friendly and future-oriented coating procedure. Whenever high-end metallic surfaces on plastic parts are required, ePD™ is the sustainable alternative to today’s conventional production technologies. No environmentally harmful chrome derivatives are used in the process.

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What is ePD?

ePD™ based coatings consist of three layers: a lacquer base coat, a thin metallic decorative film, and a protective lacquer top coat. The base coat serves to equalize irregularities of the injection moulded plastic substrate. On top of the base coat, a thin metallic film is deposited using PVD vacuum sputter technology. On top of the thin metallic film, another lacquer coating is applied. The top coat is extremely fast drying, and is durable, stable and protective. The ePD™ process is environmentally friendly due to low energy consumption and the avoidance of special waste. ePD™ coated parts are recyclable.

ePD: Chrome look with ePD™

What is ePD?

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