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RS 90

Specially developed to handle high coating volumes, the RS 90 coating system allows economical, automated coating of high-quality precision components for use in the aviation and automotive industry. Like its smaller sibling, it can coat all carbon-based coatings such as DLC (BALINIT DLC), WC/C (BALINIT C), sputtering (BALINIT CNI) and all their combinations and is the environmentally friendly and safe option for electroplating.

The many strengths of the RS 90, such as large coating quantities, short cycle times and the economical use of coating material, significantly reduce operating costs and unit costs.

  • Ideal for DLC, WC/C, CNI sputtering and combinations of these coatings
  • High-quality coating: extremely hard, high adhesion, temperature resistant, uniform distribution and high reproducibility
  • For higher quantities and larger sized components
  • High quality and productivity
  • Automated and integrated
  • User-friendly design
  • Convenient access for easy maintenance

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