BALIQ MICRO ALTINOSVersatile coating solution for micro-machining up to 56 HRC

BALIQ MICRO ALTINOS - versatile coating solution for micro-machining
BALIQ ring

With the AlTiN-based BALIQ® MICRO ALTINOS Oerlikon Balzers offers another dedicated pefectly smooth coating for micromaching, especially for applications up to 56 HRC.

With its perfectly smooth surface BALIQ® MICRO ALTINOS guarantees trouble-free chip removal and reduces the formation of built-up edges, whilst, at the same time, providing outstanding adhesion.

It is highly wear-resistant when subjected to high temperatures and exhibits almost no tendency to stick. The special properties of the BALIQ® coatings eliminate the need for mechanical post-treatment.

  • Advantages


    Revolutionary smooth and defect-free coatings with outstanding adhesion


    Top-tier coating surface quality for high component quality

    High wear resistance of AlTiN-based coatings even at high service temperatures


    Very high thermal stability of the tool, resulting in long tool lives with perceptibly fewer tool changes

    High coating thickness precision and precise coating of even the sharpest cutting edges


    Significant performance gains mainly with smallest chip thicknesses and optimised component surface quality

    Low susceptibility to sticking of AlTiN-based coatings


    No adhesion and built-up edge formation even for difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium and stainless steels

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    Recommended applications

    • Microdrilling
    • Micromilling

    Tools applications

    • Cutting Cutting

      Oerlikon Balzers drives your cutting tools forward

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