Plastic Processing High performance coating for the plastics industry

Plastic Processing

Improve mould life time and part quality.
Car tire, the side flange of the time and the pattern of the profile (best is a winter tire).

  • Extended tool life time
  • Long protection against surface deposits
  • Prevention of sticking
  • More endurance, more productivity, more reliable production
The rubber mixtures are very special and consist of up to 200 different materials, many off these are abrasive and generate sticking due to deposits during the vulcanization process. These rubber mixtures does however also turn out to be very sticky. Due to this the interval for stopping and cleaning the tools surface is very short which lead to high costs and frequent production stops.

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Head lights


  • Increase part quality
  • Increase tool surface hardness for these surfaces, mirror polished photo edged and EDM surfaces
  • Reduce mould service costs
  • Longer production runs between tools service
  • Reduce damage on mould surface during cleaning due to increased surface hardness
  • Increased parting line hardness
  • Increased corrosion resistance


Centre console


  • Increase part quality
  • Improve the tool surface hardness to prolong mould life
  • Decrease the deposits on the mould surface from plastics outgassing effect
  • Reduce the overall mould costs and increase the mould output
  • Better plastics material flow (less sticking effect)




Decrease the abrasive wear from the glass filled plastics.
Prolong the tool surface structure lifetime.

  • Better part quality
  • Improved material flow
  • Less de-moulding force


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