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Çözüm Kaplama malzemesi Kaplama Teknolojisi Mikrosertlik HIT (GPa) Sürtünme katsayısı (kuru) - çelik Maks. servis sıcaklığı [°C] Proses Sıcaklığı
BALINIT DLC a-C:H PACVD ~15-25 0.1 - 0.2 300 < 250

Advanced common rail systems (injector needles)

The harder BALINIT DLC coating is required to protect components operating under very high injection pressures (up to 2,500 bar) or components subject to abrasive-particle wear.

Your advantages with BALINIT-coated diesel injection components:

  • Excellent sliding-wear resistance (galling, scuffing) against metal counterfaces 
  • Enables higher injection pressure for lower consumption and emissions
  • Protects against abrasive particle wear
  • Protects against high-impact oscillation

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