BALINIT ARCTIC SeriesCoatings that leave tools cold

Coated at only 200 °C with BALINIT® A ARCTIC.
Low-temperature coating BALINIT® D ARCTIC.
BALINIT® FUTURA NANO ARCTIC leaves materials cold.

PVD-nitride coatings are mostly applied by arc evaporation at temperatures between 400°C and 450°C. PVD-nitride-coated tools have a longer service life, simplify and stabilize production, and so lay the foundation for significant productivity gains in metal and plastics processing.

BALINIT® ARCTIC Series coatings, in contrast, can be applied at a temperature of only 200 °C for certain materials and applications. Coating of cold-working steels and copper alloys is thereby possible.

The BALINIT® coatings A (TiN), D (CrN) and FUTURA NANO (TiAlN) are available as such low-temperature coatings. These are ideal for injection moulding and plastics extrusion dies, punches and dies for piercing, blanking and forming, and various components for the automotive industry.

  • Advantages


    Low temperature during coating process


    No distortion
    No loss of hardness
    No reduction of corrosion resistance

    Familiar BALINIT® coating structures


    Excellent coating adhesion
    Improved wear protection
    Minimized lubrication or dry running possible

    Longer tool service life


    Lower manufacturing costs
    Less maintenance work

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  • Applications

    Recommended applications

    • dies for injection moulding and extrusion of plastics
    • punches and dies for piercing, blanking and forming
    • components for general engineering

    Tools applications

    • Metal Forming Metal Forming

      BALINIT and BALITHERM treated dies stay in shape longer

    • Plastics processing Plastics processing

      The benchmark for injection moulding and extrusion

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