SUCOTECHigh-quality CVD coating equipment

SUCOTEC high-quality CVD coating equipment

The SUCOTEC kila, mega and giga series are the new generation of high-quality CVD systems from Oerlikon Balzers. In use around the world, these systems have proven their outstanding performance, flexibility and reliability for nanolayers, multilayers and newly developed coatings in full production conditions.

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    Accurate process parameters in SUCOTEC CVD systems enable high-performance coatings. Oerlikon Balzers has engineered coating equipment for more than 70 years and is represented in many countries worldwide, including an excellent service and support network.

    The former Sucotec AG has supplied market-leading CVD coating equipment and has many years of experience in building these systems. The following features and benefits make a SUCOTEC CVD coating system the right long-term choice:





    With a 20% bigger chamber, SUCOTEC CVD systems can coat more tools in less time


    Increased productivity

    An expandable, modular system enables a high degree of customisation


    Cost-effective and flexible for future demands

    Easy to maintain


    Low maintenance costs and more uptime

    Homogeneous coating distribution over entire height


    Consistently high quality of coatings – batch by batch

    Redundant monitoring of each process step


    Safety you can rely on


    You profit from a proven benchmark product backed by Oerlikon Balzers’ first-class global customer service and support.


  • Specifikationer

    Sizes for all needs

    SUCOTEC specifications - sizes
    Capacity: example of C12 inserts (12.7 mm inserts, 10 mm bores, 25 mm outer rings)

    Example for installation of SUCOTEC giga, Version L

    Footprint approx. 96 sqm
    with process neutralisation system and service neutralisation system
    SUCOTEC specifications - dimensions
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    Access secure and most modern software "CoatControl"

    • The control system “CoatControl” offers remarkable capability for further development
    • Fully automated
    • Possibility to multiply recipe blocks
    • Run step sequences of many 100 times for multi layers
    • Easy handling
    • Recipes and status stored in separate data base
    Fully automated & user friendly
    Plenty of possibilities for further developments
      SUCOTEC - Built-in PC with screen

    Built-in PC with screen
    SUCOTEC - Second screen

    Second screen
    SUCOTEC - Visualisation

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