INLENIA picaThe small batch platform


Want to coat dedicated batches with your most precise tools or ramp up a new product line with the shortest possible lead time? INLENIA pica is the right system for your needs. You are free to develop the next coating solution or to customise our coatings so that they meet your highest requirements perfectly. INLENIA pica is the compact and flexible solution, guaranteeing you a smooth transfer to the INLENIA kila high volume production equipment.

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    High productivity in combination with  extra smooth coating

    INLENIA pica

    4 - 5 batches per day
    typical process time 4 - 5 hours

    INLENIA kila dimensions


    • Length: 3500 mm
    • Width: 1640 mm
    • Height: 2680 mm
    • Footprint: 5.7 sqm
    • Weight: 3200 kg*

    * without substrates loaded


    INLENIA pica

    Swing diameter
    360 mm
    Coatable height
    400 mm
    Max. loading capacity
    200 kg
    Magnet system
    2 S3p® Sputter modules
    Side-Etching Technology (SET)
    Number of spindles
    Up to 4
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