INLENIA Coating systems for ultra smooth surfaces


Benefit from a wide spectrum of possibilities Oerlikon Balzers’ S3p® technology produces coatings with exceptional surface smoothness, providing a long service life and both: high density and resistance to adhesive and abrasive wear. In particular, cutting tool applications with high demands on precision and surface quality (microtools, taps and reamers, inserts for finishing) and applications in difficult-to-cut materials (stainless steel, titanium) benefit from S3p®. Applications suitable for S3p® also include coatings for casting moulds for parts used in consumer electronics or for watchmaker tools.

A quantum leap for your  product portfolio

At long last, customised coatings that meet the precise requirements of different applications become reality with Oerlikon Balzers' S3p® technology.

S3p® supports the unrestricted, cost-effective use of HiPIMS technology in production as well as in research and development – a quantum leap in the field of coatings. S3p® combines the advantages of Arc Evaporation and Sputtering technologies, allowing high ionization with virtually no droplets. As a result, extremely smooth and dense coatings for a wide variety of applications are achieved. With the revolutionary INLENIA coating system, you benefit from new opportunities that transcend anything seen before and from coatings tailored precisely to your needs. INLENIA is the next leap forward in cost-efficient coating with S3p® technology.

Exceptional features aligned with your production needs.

INLENIA is Oerlikon Balzers’ new generation of coating systems with cost-efficient S3p® technology. Every INLENIA is specific to different requirements but based on the same development principles. This is how Oerlikon Balzers can ensure consistently high process reliability.

Be individual!

Create your individual coating portfolio

You benefit from new opportunities that transcend anything seen before - with coatings tailored precisley to your needs. We offer you 3 alternatives to achieve your goals:

1. Using the standard BALIQ® coating solutions like BALIQ® ALCRONOS or BALIQ® TINOS.

2. Modifiying the standard  BALIQ®  coatings to meet your needs.

3. Creating your individual coatings to perfectly fit  your requirements.

Revolutionary smoothness

S3p® offers previously unavailable opportunities for optimizing coating structures and properties, and therefore the tool performance. The revolutionary smooth surface of S3p®-based coatings enables smooth chip removal, meaning no post-treatment is necessary. Adhesion of workpiece material and built-up edges are avoided even for difficult-to-machine materials.

Remarkable scalability far beyond conventional HiPIMS

Customised coatings are possible thanks to the precise and independent scalability of pulse duration and shape as well as current density. The unique process window as well as the significantly higher deposition rates and process stability push the boundaries of conventional HiPIMS.

Exceptional precision

High precision in coating thickness distribution guarantees extremely sharp edges. Outstanding results are achieved, especially for tools with ultra-small diameters.


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