Edition Summer 2018

Edition Summer 2018 <br>BEYOND SURFACES

“The surface is always a complex matter because it is subject to so many influences”. In the latest edition of BEYOND SURFACES, Professor Paul Mayrhofer at TU Wien explains why this was a challenge even for renowned physicists such as Wolfgang Pauli – and demonstrates the best way to tackle the problem together with other experts in the field of surface technologies.

Customer Magazine IconFind out how these technologies help make our cars faster and use resources more sparingly. And how customers around the globe rely on our solutions to create more efficient and sustainable production methods. In addition, our laser cladding expert Dr. Arkadi Zikin talks about the new appli- cations of this technology and presents a brand new research project with ETH Zurich. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of coatings.

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Invented by the devil

Prof. Paul Mayrhofer on materials and surfaces

Automotive emissions motives

The reinvention of metal stamping at Beijing Benz Automotive

30 years of “What’s next?”

Mitsubishi Hitachi’s appetite for advances inspires

A bottle everyone is familiar with

BALINIT coatings for cost-saving production of PET bottles

Audit means training

A combination with added value

Hidden champions

Precision components in focus


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