BALINIT HARD CARBON Highly productive processing of non-ferrous metals


BALINIT® HARD CARBON is used for processing of non-ferrous metals. The coating is thin, smooth, and with a high hardness, making it ideal for the machining of aluminium alloys as well as other non-ferrous metals such as copper, silver or gold, GRP, CFK, and organic materials.

Tool manufacturers as well as end users in the automobile and aerospace industries, injection moulders and mould-makers, benefit from a number of advantageous properties:

  • Applications

    Recommended applications

    Drilling, milling, countersinking, reaming of:

    • Aluminium and aluminium alloys with up to 14% Si
    • Organic materials such as wood, paper
    • Copper, bronze, silver, gold, platinum

    Tools applications

    • Cutting Cutting

      Oerlikon Balzers drives your cutting tools forward

    • Metal Forming Metal Forming

      BALINIT and BALITHERM treated dies stay in shape longer

    • Plastics processing Plastics processing

      The benchmark for injection moulding and extrusion

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