BALIMED ARGENTAOur antimicrobial silver coating for surgical instruments

Dental instruments and tools
Surgical instruments
Minimally Invasive Surgical (MIS) instruments

Instruments used for invasive surgery all bypass the body's natural lines of defence and consequently pave the way for infections. An instrument coated with BALIMED™ ARGENTA, creates a surface with an antimicrobial effect. The LR test method (logarithmic reduction of the number of bacteria) was used to demonstrate this effect of the new Ag-doped PVD coatings. The unique properties of BALIMED™ ARGENTA at a glance.

  • Specifications


    Coating material TiN:Ag
    Coating structure Arc
    Coating colour Gold
    Coating hardness HIT[GPa]* 25 - 29
    Coefficient of friction (dry) vs. steel** ~ 0.5
    Coating temperature [°C] < 350
    General remark All given data are approximate values, they depend on application, environment and test condition.
    *Coating hardness HIT[GPa] Measured by nano indentation according to ISO 14577. For multilayers the hardness of the different layers varies.
    **Coefficient of friction (dry) vs. steel Determined by ball-on-disc test in dry condition with an Steel ball according to ASTM G99. During run-in the given values may be exceeded.
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    • Dental instruments and tools Dental instruments and tools Details
    • Minimally Invasive Surgical (MIS) instruments Minimally Invasive Surgical (MIS) instruments Details
    • Surgical instruments Surgical instruments Details
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