Make a healthy choice with BALIMED PVD coatings Designed specifically for medical applications

Make a healthy choice with BALIMED PVD coatings

Coatings for medical instruments have become an indispensable part of modern medical technology. The antimicrobial, highly wear-resistant BALIMED™ coatings from Oerlikon Balzers meet biocompatibility regulations and represent the very best quality, high cost efficiencies and a better quality of life for patients.

The innovative BALIMED™ PVD coatings from Oerlikon Balzers are especially developed for medical applications. Oerlikon Balzers has the knowledge and experience to develop application specific solutions for the medical industry:

  • A global leader in advanced surface technology
  • Global network of more than 100 certified coating centres
  • Worldwide unique coating services, e.g. for medical components, devices and tools
  • More than 50 years knowledge and expertise for medical applications
  • Experience in working in the highly regulated medical industry

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