Edition Winter 2018/2019
BEYOND SURFACES 3D printing the world: Industry is embracing additive manufacturing. Surfaces in depth: The future of coating technology. Team up to step up: MTC2 partners share their 3D printing visions.

Edition Winter 2018/2019<br>BEYOND SURFACES

The history of manufacturing technology is almost as old as that of mankind. And it is constantly changing. Manufacturers are currently working on networking and digitizing their factories - under the buzzwords Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory. Additive manufacturing is seen as the next revolution in manufacturing technology.

Customer Magazine IconIn our new issue of BEYOND SURFACES, we therefore talk to Prof. Thomas Lampke from Chemnitz University of Technology, among others, about the influence of these changes on coating technologies. Our expert Dr. Blanka Szost describes where the use of additive manufacturing makes sense. And our customer LENA Space explains why the combination of additive manufacturing, PVD coatings and thermal barrier coatings is the optimal solution for them.

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The Starrag Group, with headquarters in Rorschacherberg (Switzerland), is a global leader in the manufacture of precision tools for metal, composite materials and ceramics machining. The special tools employed are a decisive quality factor in the manufacturing process. With Oerlikon Balzers as a partner, Starrag is able to offer a global regrinding service for these tools.


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