PACVD Plasma-assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition


What is PACVD coating?

Oerlikon Balzers produces metal-free carbon coatings using the high-frequency PACVD process.

The set-up for this process is similar to that for sputtering, which is frequently used in combination with CVD. In PACVD a gas containing the coating elements is introduced into the vacuum chamber and a discharge powered by an AC voltage is ignited.

This creates free carbon and hydrogen atoms (ions and radicals) that form a dense coating on the tools and components. Coating properties can be influenced by varying the applied voltage.


  1. 1. Argon
  2. 2. Reactive gas
  3. 3. Components/Tools
  4. 4. Planar magnetron evaporation source (coating material)
  5. 5. High-frequency connection
  6. 6. Vacuum pump
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