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Components BALIMED coatings make a patient’s life better

Instruments coated with BALIMED™ coatings show excellent wear properties, improving the cutting-edge properties. Medical instruments with sharper cutting edges contribute to faster wound healing, while instruments with antimicrobial properties reduce the incidence of infections and avoid reconstructive surgery. Also, anti-glare properties help surgeons work faster and with greater comfort. The coatings provide an inert chemical barrier which enhances corrosion resistance and withstands repeated autoclaving.


The advantages of BALIMED™ hard coatings in this area are clear from multiple perspectives. They prevent scuffing and ensure trouble-free operation, even when running dry. Examples include the pneumatic components of tools for the implantation and removal of intramedullary nails and surgical bone saws. Coated components are moreover protected against corrosion during sterilization.

There are many good reasons to opt for BALIMED™ coatings from Oerlikon Balzers:

Anti-glare properties Black coatings help surgeons work faster and with greater comfort
Coated instruments Retention of sharp cutting edges, scratch resistance and prevention of scuffing
Reduced friction Eliminates or reduces the need for lubrication
Proven biocompatibility of medical coatings Protects patients against damages or impairments
Resistance to repeated autoclave cycles Advanced coating adhesion through repeated thermal cycling
Corrosion resistance Protection against cleaning liquids and sterilisation

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