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  • 19/08/22

    Visit us at SPE Offshore Europe to find out about our advanced surface technologies. #BalzersPassion

  • 19/08/15

    Today is a wonderful day! It is the National Day of Liechtenstein and the Principality celebrates its 300 year anniversary. We wish everyone a wonderful festival. #BalzersPassion

  • 19/08/13

    Did you know that mechanical seals, e.g. in pumps and compressors, use silicon carbide ceramics as seal ring materials? These are exposed to extreme tribological conditions over a long period of time which leads to overheating which results in the device failing. To keep these devices running reliably for longer, BALINIT NALUBIA ensures low operating temperatures thanks to its excellent dry running coefficient. #BalzersPassion For more information follow this link: https://balzers.site/NALUBIA

  • 19/08/09

    Our 29 apprentices have started their vocational training this week. Now it's time to get to know Oerlikon Balzers, to familiarise with the company’s values and supervisors, and to enjoy a few days of mountain hiking and workshop sessions to get to know each other! We warmly welcome you and wish you successful apprenticeship years with much joy and fun! #BalzersPassion

  • 19/08/08

    50 years ago, Neil Armstrong was the first person who walked the moon’s ground. Did you know that the former Balzers AG (today Oerlikon Balzers) provided thin protective coatings for important components of the Apollo 11? The Liechtenstein flag also got a ride on the Apollo 11. Richard Nixon, US President at that time, presented the Liechtenstein people with some lunar rocks, which are stored in the Liechtenstein treasury. #BalzersPassion #Moonlanding

  • 19/08/01

    Oerlikon Balzers wishes all Swiss people a happy National Day. Enjoy and celebrate!

  • 19/07/26

    Oerlikon China and Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) kick off business initiative at Oerlikon Balzers’ headquarters in Suzhou In order to better serve Suzhou Industrial Enterprises and create a world-class international business environment, Oerlikon China and the Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) government organised the first of a series of events with SIP-based companies and technologies at Oerlikon Balzers’ headquarters. Following the motto "Innovation Leads to the Future, Walk into Oerlikon Suzhou", 100 participants from 30 potential companies and customers recommended by the government attended the Technology Day on Friday 12 July. #BalzersPassion

  • 19/07/25

    http://www.linkedin.com/company/oerlikonbalzers Follow us now also on LinkedIn and learn more about Oerlikon Balzers' activities in the world of premium coating solutions that considerably improve the efficiency and longevity of precision components and tools for the metal and polymer processing industry! #BalzersPassion

  • 19/07/23

    MF-TOKYO is a trade fair for metal forming machinery (press, sheet metal working, automation and peripheral equipment) that showcases Japan's cutting-edge products and technologies in collaboration with Germany as the world's leading manufacturer. Oerlikon Balzers will present its superior coating solutions for metal forming at MF-TOKYO, which takes place from 31 July to 3 August at the Tokyo Big Site. We welcome you at our booth W2-81! #BalzersPassion

  • 19/07/19

    Greetings from our Team at the International Automotive Manufacturing Summit in Pune this week. #BalzersPassion

  • 19/07/18

    Eyeglasses = temples + rims (or even less) How designer Sven Götti redefines rimless glasses Eyeglasses consist of two temples, a bridge, the rims and a few more small parts. You might think that provides limited options. Far from it: This drives designer Sven Götti to new heights of creativity. And with his “Götti Perspective” collection, he has gone one step further by redefining rimless eyewear. The new concept also employs BALINIT C from Oerlikon Balzers. #BalzersPassion Read the article here: https://bit.ly/32g9SuQ

  • 19/07/16

    Healthy snacks sponsored by Oerlikon Balzers for the students of the Balzers' high school - wishing them a fresh & yummy day!

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