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  • 17/09/20

  • 17/09/20

    Once a year, we have our global HSE day and come together to talk about health and safety. Topic this year is "FIT FOR LIFE". Good health and stay fit!

  • 17/09/18

    Premiering at EMO 2017! Oerlikon Balzers revealed the secret behind the adverts promising “The Art of Coating”: the ground-breaking, innovative performance of BALIQ coatings is now available in a stunning range of colours with BALIQ UNIQUE. More information under www.oerlikon.com/balzers/emotion/en

  • 17/09/16

    Jetzt bewerben und zu den Schnuppertagen anmelden! In unserem modernen Ausbildungszentrum haben wir schon mehr als 1400 Lernende erfolgreich ausgebildet! Werde auch du ein Profi von morgen. Am Standort Balzers kannst du unter elf verschiedenen Lehrberufen wählen. www.oerlikon.com/berufsbildung/de/bewerben/

  • 17/09/15

    Visit us at Swiss Medtech Expo in hall 2 booth D 2105 from 19 – 20 September! Brand new. Get the facts. Our innovative med-tech coatings are good for you but bad for bacteria. Introducing our latest generation antimicrobial PVD coatings! More information about our antimicrobial PVD coatings: www.oerlikon.com/balzers/com/en/markets/medical-food-packaging/medical/

  • 17/09/12

    Wonderful double rainbow above our vocational centre in Balzers😀

  • 17/09/12

    Greetings from Martin and Sandra - Live from the Knowledge Fair of the ETH Zürich. The topic is "Manufacturing the Future".

  • 17/09/08

    How can communicative materials shape the industry, and what do an aircraft and additive manufacturing have in common? Find it out in the new edition of our customer magazine BEYOND SURFACES! www.oerlikon.com/balzers/com/en/balzers-passion/customer-magazine/edition-summer-2017beyond-surfaces/

  • 17/09/05

    Today, the SPE Offshore Europe in Aberdeen UK started. Come and visit us until 8 September at our booth #3E105.

  • 17/09/01

    Read why a young student is fascinated by the material things!

  • 17/08/31

    Wir haben in Deutschland ab Sommer 2018 siebzehn Stellen im kaufmännischen, technischen, gewerblichen sowie Laborbereich zu besetzen. Die Ausbildungsangebote findest du hier - Bewirb dich jetzt: www.hierstartetdeinezukunft.de

  • 17/08/25

    Explore BALINIT ALTENSA, the high-speed solution for productive gear cutting, which has the advantages of improved hot hardness, increased abrasive wear resistance, lower thermal conductivity and optimized oxidation resistance. www.oerlikon.com/balzers/com/en/portfolio/balzers-surface-solutions/pvd-and-pacvd-based-coatings/balinit/alcrn-based/balinit-altensa/

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