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  • 18/08/15

    Proud of innovative coating solutions.
    Proud of Liechtenstein 🇱🇮
    Happy national holiday!

  • 18/08/14

    Thank you for visiting us at the ADMS in Bangalore India.

  • 18/08/09

    BALINIT DYLYN offers the best in wear and corrosion resistance as well as an exceptionally smooth surface on the two-part neck ring.

    More information in our article in the customer magazine:

  • 18/08/02

    How can BALINIT FORMERA be used successfully? Markus Salathé tells you this and much more in his speech.

  • 18/07/31

    Many of us fantasize about living in the future. But at Japan’s Mitsubishi Hitachi Tool Engineering, Ltd., Kazuyuki Kubota, Head of Manufacturing Department and Head of Coating Technology, actually works in the future. This isn’t science fiction. He hasn’t mastered the art of time travel. But when it comes to coating systems and technology, Kubota never stops anticipating the next break through in requirements, capabilities and performance.

    Read our story in the Customer Magazine:

  • 18/07/26

    Ralf Stecker shows you the requirements for structured and glossy surfaces in connection with different coating systems.

  • 18/07/25

    Look at this beautiful helicopter impeller, which is coated with BALINIT TURBINE PRO and was exhibited at the Farnborough Air Show last week. If you missed the fair and would like to have more information about BALINIT TURBINE PRO, you can visit our website.


  • 18/07/24

    Fine screws in the millimeter range for dental technology, camshafts for Formula 1 engines, roller bearings for wind turbines, pistons for pumps or reeds for the textile industry – all of these are precision components. They need to be coated so that they can fulfill their functions properly. This in turn requires a great deal of experience, a profound understanding of processes and excellent sector knowledge.

    Read the Story in our Customer Magazin:

  • 18/07/20

    What is the trend in coating solutions? Detlev Bross shows you these in his speech about the innovative coating solutions from Oerlikon Balzers.

  • 18/07/19

    Tomorrow is the last day of the Farnborough Air Show. Come by and take a look at our technologies. Our international team from Germany, USA, Canada, UK and Liechtenstein will be happy to advise you.

  • 18/07/13

    BALINIT TURBINE PRO anti erosion and corrosion resistant turbine
    coatings allow longer maintenance cycles & functional reliability. Speak to our Sales Team at Farnborough Air Show next week.

    More information:

  • 18/07/12

    Inconel: With the right coating to success. Christopher Praetzas from the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany gives you interesting insights

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