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BALINIT DURANA - The versatile coating for demanding machining
BALINIT DURANA - versatile coating for stick blades
BALINIT DURANA - versatile coating for endmills
BALINIT DURANA - versatile coating for drills
BALINIT DURANA - versatile coating for reamers

More and more complex workpiece geometries, new materials and the high demand for accuracy pose particular challenges for cutting tools modern mechanical engineering. These high mechanical and thermal stresses result in high abrasion, increased risk of chipping and formation of cracks on cutting tools, which shortens tool service life and reduces productivity. To meet these challenging machining demands, Oerlikon Balzers has developed the versatile BALINIT® DURANA coating:

  • A tailored combination of coating structure and properties significantly reduces abrasive wear, resulting in longer tool service life.
  • Combination of AlTiN-based and TiSiXN layers gives BALINIT® DURANA a high degree of ductility and superior abrasive wear resistance even at extreme service temperatures, resulting in hugely improved performance during demanding machining operations.
Materiale di rivestimento AlTiN / TiSiXN
Tecnologia Coating Arc
Colore del rivestimento bronze
Durezza rivestimento HIT [GPa]* 37 ± 3
Temp. max. di servizio [°C]**** 1000
Nota generale Tutti i dati forniti sono valori approssimativi; dipendono dall'applicazione, dall'ambiente e dalla condizione di test.
*Durezza rivestimento HIT [GPa] Misurato per nanorientro secondo ISO 14577. Per i multistrati la durezza dei diversi strati è variabile.
****Temp. max. di servizio [°C] Questi sono valori approssimati esterni dal campo. A causa delle leggi della termodinamica esiste una dipendenza dalla pressione nell'applicazione.

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