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Steam turbinesSteam turbines component have to resist high temperature, water steam corrosion, erosion or fretting wear.

Steam turbine components have to resist ever increasing temperatures as the market demands a drive for efficiency. BALINIT® coatings protect components from high temperatures, providing resistance to oxidation in a steam environment. BALINIT TURBINE PRO  also offers unprecedented particle and liquid droplet erosion protection and fretting wear performance.

BALINIT D (CrN) coating is used for steam turbine HP (high pressure) blades to improve the erosion and cavitation resistance. BALINIT D (CrN) coatings allow to substitute expensive titanium base metals by less expensive stainless steel. BALINIT D (CrN) coated turbine housing connecting studs successfully prevent fretting and ensure smooth assembling and disassembling of the turbine for maintenance:


Erosion resistance, utilisation of more economic substrate materials, easier maintenance.