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Javasolt megoldás Bevonat anyaga Bevonatolási technológia Mikrokeménység HIT (GPa) Súrlódási együttható acéllal (szárazon) Max. üzemi hőm. [°C] Bevonatolási hőmérséklet
BALINIT DLC STAR CrN / a-C:H PACVD ~15-25 0,1–0,2 300 < 250
BALINIT DLC a-C:H PACVD ~15-25 0,1–0,2 300 < 250

Mechanical sealsCoating solution for mechanical seals

BALINIT DLC STAR decreases the friction and enhance the abrasive wear resistance of mechanical seal rings of drill bits.


  • Low friction reduces seal damage caused by start up and / or coast down conditions
  • Reduced danger of leakage thus protecting the entire system and the environment
  • Increased life and less maintenance
  • Significant reduction in downtime and costs

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