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BALINIT NALUBIA coating for mechanical seals for pumps

Mechanical seals, e.g. in pumps and compressors, use silicon carbide ceramics as seal ring materials. These are exposed to extreme tribological conditions over a long period of time which leads to overheating which results in the device failing. To keep these devices running reliably for longer, it is crucial to prevent these components from overheating under high operating forces and at high sliding speeds. BALINIT® NALUBIA ensures low operating temperatures thanks to its excellent dry running coefficient.

BALINIT® NALUBIA is exceptionally hard with a very low coefficient of friction. It can be used for applications where components are exposed to excessive heat generated by high friction. Due to the low coating temperature (< 100 °C) the coating can even be applied to components made from heat-sensitive materials, such as steels tempered at low temperatures and aluminum alloys.

Are you interested in a durable coating with low operating forces for ceramic seal discs in taps, pneumatic valves, ceramic shafts and pump bearings? 

BALINIT® NALUBIA – specifically developed for the demands of components:

  • Nanostructure coating hardness 40-50 HIT(GPa)
  • Perfectly suited for mechanical seals in pumps and compressors
  • Constantly low operating force significantly extends a component’s lifetime
  • Low friction even in poorly lubricated conditions or dry running keeps operating temperature of pump and compressor components low
  • Keeps components working even in poorly lubricated conditions
  • Low coating temperature (< 100 °C) enables coating of heat-sensitive materials

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