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Virtual Event, United Kingdom

The largest annual gathering of international braking industry professionals attracts an audience of engineers, scientists, academics and executives from the passenger car, commercial vehicle, rail, and other industry sectors in this virtual event. 

Challenges around Long-Life Friction Couples

Lifetime Protection of Iron Casted Brake Discs for Electric Vehicles through Advanced Heat Treatment Technology (EB2021-MDS-006)

Ing. Franco Arosio, Oerlikon, Germany
Dr.-Ing. Ingo Lange, Oerlikon, Switzerland

Advanced Coatings for Brake Components

Novel Computationally Designed Brake Disc Coatings for Thermal Spray and Extra High-Speed Laser Cladding (EB2021-MDS-003)

Dr. Eng. Hossein Najafi, Oerlikon, Switzerland
Ing. Cameron Eibl, Oerlikon, United States
Ing. Franco Arosio, Oerlikon, Germany
Dr. Eng. Arkadi Zikin, Oerlikon, Switzerland
Thilo Krah-Tomala, Oerlikon, Germany

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