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Ratkaisu Pinnoitusmateriaali Pinnoitustekniikka Mikrokovuus HIT (GPa) Kitkakerroin (kuiva) terästä vasten Maksimi käyttölämpötila [°C] Prosessin lämpötila
BALINIT C a-C:H:Me (WC/C) Sputter 10 - 15 0,1 - 0,2 300 < 250

Large-unit pump plungers

BALINIT C (WC/C), the carbon coating which contains metal (Me-C:H, or Me-DLC), is the standard solution for large-unit pumps and gives systems excellent galling and scuffing resistance.

Your advantages with BALINIT-coated diesel injection components:

  • Excellent sliding-wear resistance (galling, scuffing) against metal counterfaces 
  • Enables higher injection pressure for lower consumption and emissions
  • Protects against abrasive particle wear
  • Protects against high-impact oscillation

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