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vSHARE service app

Reliable support whenever you need it from our experts using real-time image and video sharing

vSHARE service app

Your system is not working properly, and you need expert help, but you don't know exactly how to explain your issue? – Using the Oerlikon Balzers vSHARE app, a quick and easy solution is guaranteed. After a simple registration process your Oerlikon Balzers support expert is only one click away. Explain your problem by sharing your smartphone or tablet camera’s view and using the real-time mark and draw function. With help from your expert your system is up and running again in the shortest possible time. With vSHARE you benefit from even faster response times and optimised coating system availability.

The vSHARE app connects the customer to an Oerlikon Balzers support specialist to quickly solve issues and share knowledge in real-time. vSHARE utilises modern visual, graphical and audio tools of your smartphone or tablet device already in use.


  • Simple registration process
  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • Easy system identification by scanning QR code of the equipment
  • Live audio and video sharing with remote experts including mark and draw function
  • Still image capturing and sharing
  • Call history with screenshots
  • Existing devices can be used

Customer view and Supporter view (Oerlikon Balzers expert)

Customer view and Supporter view (Oerlikon Balzers expert)

Download the vSHARE app* and register to benefit from optimum support from Oerlikon Balzers experts to quickly get your coating system up and running again.

Download IOS version

Download Android version

*Using the vSHARE App requires a registration. In order to receive your registration details, please contact your local Oerlikon Balzers representative or click here to email your request to the field support.