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Balzers, Liechtenstein, 22 December 2017 – Oerlikon Balzers launches BALINIT TURBINE PRO, an outstanding corrosion and erosion resistant family of coatings for industrial gas, steam and aerospace turbines; that increase the components’ lifetime, enhance productivity and reduce costs.

Oerlikon Balzers announces BALINIT TURBINE PRO, the coating solution for turbine blades

BALINIT TURBINE PRO – an outstanding corrosion and extremely hard erosion resistant family of coatings.

Oerlikon Balzers announces BALINIT TURBINE PRO, the coating solution for turbine blades

The innovative coating solution to protect your blades against corrosion.

Oerlikon Balzers developed the BALINIT TURBINE PRO coatings specifically for turbine blades. The coatings provide an optimal relation of the highest hardness to residual compressive stress. BALINIT TURBINE PRO protects turbine components from corrosion and erosion, reduces damage and repair costs, protects surface finishes and prevents down time. It offers outstanding protection from solid particle erosion (SPE) and liquid droplet erosion (LDE) without affecting the components’ fatigue life. It also provides the maximum lifetime erosion resistance.

BALINIT TURBINE PRO is used on industrial gas turbine compressor blades and vanes as well as on steam turbine high pressure (HP), intermediate pressure (IP) and low pressure (LP) section blades. The BALINIT TURBINE PRO family of coatings can be applied to large sized blades and can produce excellent mirror surface finishes down to <0.1 Ra μm.

The Oerlikon Balzers team of experts individually adapt the coating solution to meet customers’ individual requirements for erosion, oxidisation and corrosion protection.

Tests have shown that BALINIT TURBINE PRO exceeds all other coatings tested for erosion resistance. It is 40 x more erosion resistant than steel and 5 x more erosion resistant than other PVD coating solutions. The environmentally friendly coating technology contributes to the overall efficiency improvements required for turbines. It reduces operating costs, extends service intervals and protects valuable components from all types of wear.

“Coatings are an indispensable element to reach the ambitious goals that have been set by the aerospace and power generation market segments,” says Marc Desrayaud, Head of Oerlikon Balzers Industrial Solutions. “With BALINIT TURBINE PRO, an innovative product that was developed in close co-operation with industry partners, we can offer a family of coatings that offers the highest level of erosion and corrosion resistance for compressor blades”.

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Petra Ammann

Petra Ammann

Head of Communications Oerlikon Balzers

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