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ePD™ is the short form for “embedded PVD for Design parts” and signifies an environment-friendly and future-oriented coating procedure. Whenever high-end metallic surfaces on plastic parts are requested - ePD™ is the clean alternative compared to today’s electro plating technologies. No harmful chemicals such as Cr6+ are used in the process. The ePD™ process is environmentally friendly due to low energy consumption and the avoidance of special waste. ePD™ coated parts are recyclable.

The new process is described as “embedded PVD for Design parts”, since the metallisation effect is sandwiched between two layers of UV lacquer. The first layer is the primer, or base coat, which serves to equalise irregularities on the surface of the injection-moulded plastic substrate. On top of this comes the actual inline PVD, which uses magnetron sputtering in a vacuum chamber for an exceptionally stable coating with high microstructure density-with no harmful ions left behind. To protect the metallized coating, a final UV coating (top coat) is applied which is extremely durable, stable and, fast-drying.


 ePD™ is REACH-conform

The most notable improvement provided by ePD™ is the avoidance of harmful Cr3+ and Cr6+. As a result, the coating is REACH-conform both in production and disposal. In accordance with other EU regulations, the coated parts are recyclable.

The Integrated Solution for ePD™ offers a high volume cost efficient technology for plastic metallisation. ePD™ Integrated Solution consists of the following process sequence:

  1. Load and Unload
  2. Cleaning
  3. UV Base Coat
  4. PVD Metallisation
  5. UV Top Coat

Load and Unload

Manual or automatic spindle load



UV Base Coat

Application of the base coat through a spray painting process


PVD Metallisation

Magnetron sputtering of the metallic or metal-ceramic PVD thin film coating


UV Top Coat

Application of lacquer top coat to protect the metal or metal-ceramic PVD thin film coating

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