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BALINIT coatings improve milling and drilling of a broad spectrum of materials, and moreover maintain tool hardness at high temperatures. A low coefficient of friction reduces cutting stress while maintaining tool wear resistance.


Materials of central importance for the aerospace industry such as titanium and nickel alloys subject machining tools to severe thermal and mechanical stresses. High machining temperatures are, in part, caused by the low thermal conductivity of these materials: heat liberated during the cutting process cannot be removed quickly enough with the chips. Composite materials are being increasingly used to manufacture light-weight aerospace parts. BALINIT®-coated tools allow precision and high quality surfaces to be achieved with these hard-to-cut materials. Oerlikon Balzers' coatings enhance the performance and reliability of precision tools. BALINIT® coatings moreover make aerospace component production more cost-effective through increased service life and higher productivity. With BALINIT® coatings the aerospace industry takes off...

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