Edición Verano 2017
BEYOND SURFACES ¿Cómo pueden los materiales comunicativos dar forma a la industria, y qué tienen en común un avión y la fabricación aditiva? Descúbralo en la nueva edición de nuestra revista para clientes.

Edición Verano 2017<br>BEYOND SURFACES

En esta edición de BEYOND SURFACES ponemos el foco en el "Procesado de Materiales Inteligentes". No sólo se trata de que ya es realidad el procesado de materiales inteligentes, sino que también queremos ofrecer un vistazo a lo que el futuro nos podría deparar. this exciting technology.

Customer Magazine IconThe constant demand for lighter and stronger materials, the need for higher productivity and energy efficiency, improving environmental sustainability and coping with scarce resources are just some of the key challenges that our customers face. We at Oerlikon help our customers to overcome these obstacles, find sustainable solutions and achieve better results. How do we do this? Read the new BEYOND SURFACES and find out!

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Pretty intelligent: Smart Materials

Self-healing, communicative, and soon, even more? An interview with Professor Jochen Schneider of RWTH Aachen

Behind the scenes of Oerlikon: Lighter + more complex = additive

Oerlikon employee Ludo Bautmans belongs to a group of men and women who transform an entire industry sector

A windy affair

Wind turbines are growing in size and the associated forces are becoming more extreme

Porsche Panamera

The sedan that burned the notorious Nordschleife race track relies on Oerlikon Metco technology.

A clean solution

Every year, elm-plastic produces millions of dosing aids, pipettes, syringes as well as measuring cups and spoons - also thanks to Oerlikon Balzers.

Free your imagination

Within only four years, the machine pool of the Danish toy manufacturer Plus-Plus grew from 2 to 24 injection moulding lines. Oerlikon Balzers delivers additional efficiency.


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