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Beyond Surfaces #3 - Intelligent Material Processing

En esta edición de BEYOND SURFACES ponemos el foco en el "Procesado de Materiales Inteligentes". No sólo se trata de que ya es realidad el procesado de materiales inteligentes, sino que también queremos ofrecer un vistazo a lo que el futuro nos podría deparar. this exciting technology.

The constant demand for lighter and stronger materials, the need for higher productivity and energy efficiency, improving environmental sustainability and coping with scarce resources are just some of the key challenges that our customers face. We at Oerlikon help our customers to overcome these obstacles, find sustainable solutions and achieve better results. How do we do this? Read the new BEYOND SURFACES and find out!

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Every year, elm-plastic in Dudeldorf (Germany) produces millions of dosing aids, pipettes, syringes as well as measuring cups and spoons for human and veterinary medicinal preparations. Pharmaceutical primary packaging products such as these typically come into direct contact with medicines. Consequently, production materials and manufacturing processes are subject to the highest quality, safety and purity requirements so that any possible interactions can be ruled out to the greatest extent possible.


Founded in 1969, elm-plastic GmbH with headquarters in Dudeldorf/Eifel, Germany, produces high-quality pharmaceutical primary packaging and dosing aids for human and veterinary medicinal preparations for international pharmaceutical companies and contract bottlers.

An important factor guaranteeing success is the in-house toolmaking shop at elm-plastic. The reason is that the quality of every tool is decisive for the required dimensional accuracy in the range of 100ths of millimetres, for 100 percent leak tightness in the injection moulding process, for burr-free results and thus for flawless products. For more efficient production of a three-part dosing aid consisting of a pipette body, plunger and adapter for attaching a bottle for filling, the ram and mould cores have been coated with BALINIT DYLYN PRO STAR upon the recommendation of Oerlikon Balzers, a partner of many years.

Richard Quintus, head of toolmaking at elm-plastic: »The bottom line is that we were able to shorten the cycle times by around 20 percent which amounts to quite a bit in mass production. The service life went up and the maintenance required went down. But most importantly, production reliability and quality were increased. In the future, we want to have all of our tools coated!«

BALINIT DYLYN PRO STAR offers ideal wear and corrosion protection for plastics processing as well as outstanding friction and anti-stick properties thanks to its exceptionally smooth surface. It enables injection moulding without lubricants and promotes better plastics flow at the same time. Moreover, with its low coating temperature, it is one of the few products suitable for coating copper-beryllium mould cores.



Petra Ammann

Petra Ammann

Head of Communications Oerlikon Balzers

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