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BALINIT coatings deliver durable resistance against fretting, sliding, general surface wear and corrosion.

Landing gears

They provide an excellent choice to replace hard chrome plating. BALINIT D (CrN) and BALINIT A (TiN) are the preferred surface combination for joint bushing and housing.

Solució de recobriment Material de recobriment Tecnologia de recobriment Duresa recobriment HIT [GPa] Coeficient de fregament (sec) vs. acer Temperatura màx. de treball [ºC] Temperatura de procés [°C]
a-C:H:Me (WC/C) Sputter 10 - 15 0.1 - 0.2 300 < 250
CrN Arc 18+/-3 ~0.5 700 -
TiN Arc 30 +/- 3 ~0.6 600 < 500

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