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Oerlikon Balzers Coating AG
Balzers Technology & Service Centre
Iramali 18
9496 Balzers

In-house centres Complete service with home advantage

In-house centres For the coating of large part volumes, Oerlikon Balzers will even move to your location - if that is your wish. We take over the coating operations under our own management but on your premises and integrated in your production system.

From the first day, you benefit from a professional, high-performance coating service. This saves time and money and provides the optimum conditions for efficient manufacturing processes.

But that is not all: the systems and processes are adapted exclusively to your requirements and are always kept in line with the latest technical developments.

You can also count on a high level of guaranteed delivery, as sporadic production peaks can be handled in the nearest Oerlikon Balzers coating centre.

If you should later decide to take over full responsibility for the coating processes, you will already have a flying start: the know-how acquired during the collaboration phase, the experience gained and the practical training of your staff will ensure a smooth transition.