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Press releases (02/28/12) Opening of an ePD technology centre near Shanghai

Opening of an ePD technology centre near Shanghai Strategic site expansion in the Oerlikon Coating segment

Oerlikon Balzers opened the first ePDTM technology centre in the world with a festive ceremony on 28 February 2012 in Suzhou, China. ePDTM is the short form for embedded PVD and signifies an environment-friendly and future-oriented coating procedure for the metallisation of plastic parts.  Plastic parts with metallic effects are being incorporated by the millions in automobiles and are an important design element in numerous consumer goods and in sanitary engineering.

ePDTM combines a low-emission PVD technology with a coating technique based on UV lacquer. Compared to conventional procedures ePDTM acts entirely without metal derivatives as chromium VI, for instance, or environmentally harmful agents such as nickel. The amount of non-recyclable heavy metal waste gets thus massively reduced. This strategic technology and product expansion results from the acquisition of the erstwhile Hartec company. Oerlikon Balzers, the pioneer in PVD coatings, has adopted this completely new Hartec technology approach for electro-plated-like surfaces and has thus further developed an overall solution consisting of systems and process engineering.

The ePDTM procedure is geared towards an efficient material and energy employment during production. Moreover, ePDTM offers innovative, functional qualities such as radar transparent metallisation for distance sensor systems, lightweight construction and larger design diversity. A markedly shortened supply chain with efficient production logistics will have an additional positive impact on the environmental record.

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