S3p - Scalable pulsed power plasma

The Smooth Revolution
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BALIQ TAP ALCRONOS The coating revolution for thread formers and taps


Technological progress
  • Revolutionary smooth and defect-free coatings with outstanding adhesion
  • Low susceptibility to sticking of AlCrN-based coatings
  • Coating design possible even beyond TiN / TiCN
  • High wear resistance of AlCrN-based coatings even under severe thermal stress
The hands-on advantages
  • Superior process reliability under all application conditions, no post-treatment necessary
  • Prevention of adhesion and build-up edges even with difficult-to-machine materials
  • Universal deployment: one coated tool for several applications
  • Long tool lives, even under MQL and dry machining conditions


Process reliability in thread forming stainless Comparison with market benchmarks

Process reliability in thread forming Application: steel