inShape Gentle de-coating of cemented carbide tools


Reconditioning of carbide tools.

With inShape, Oerlikon Balzers offers a service for reconditioning carbide tools over their entire life cycle without re-profiling. It enables the de-coating of complex carbide tools such as hobs, skiving and broaching tools coated with BALINIT® LATUMA, ALTENSA and PERTURA. Unlike conventional stripping, inShape preserves the original shape of the cutting tools with no detrimental impact on the surface.

  • Complex tools like hobs, broaches or skiving tools keep their profile shape
  • Allows reconditioning of BALINIT® ALTENSA, LATUMA and PERTURA coated tools
  • Reducing tool costs over a tool life cycle by up to 25%
  • No profile grinding required over whole tool life cycle to retain tolerances
  • Smooth de-coating of cemented carbide tools without damaging the surface

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