INLENIA kilaThe high volume production platform


INLENIA kila is the "workhorse" for high volume production needs. Thanks to a batch load capacity with 12 trees you can coat more tools. It's the perfect system for your standard tool coatings and is extremely versatile in production.

  • Specifications

    Significantly faster than conventional HiPIMS technology*

    With 12 trees, INLENIA offers 20% more batch load capacity compared to INNOVA.

    INLENIA kila

    4 batches per day
    typical process time 5 - 6 hours

    INLENIA kila dimensions


    • Length: 4430 mm
    • Width: 2330 mm
    • Height: 2460 mm
    • Footprint: 10.7 sqm
    • Weight: 7000 kg**

    * with equal loading
    ** without substrates loaded


    INLENIA kila

    Swing diameter
    700 mm
    Coatable height
    400 mm
    Max. loading capacity
    600 kg
    Magnet system
    4 S3p® Sputter modules
    Side-Etching Technology (SET)
    Number of spindles
    Up to 12
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    More about INLENIA pica

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