BALINIT TRITONCarbon coating with unusually dense structure


BALINIT® TRITON combines a high degree of hardness with an extremely low friction coefficient. A carbon coating (DLC), it thereby provides particularly good protection against abrasive and adhesive wear, even under minimal quantity lubrication or dry working conditions. Its unusually dense structure moreover improves corrosion resistance.

Foodstuff-neutral BALINIT® TRITON is ideal for applications such as plastics injection moulds and non-lubricated systems.

  • Specifications


    Coating material a-C:H
    Coating colour black
    Coating hardness HIT[GPa]* ~15-25
    Coefficient of friction (dry) vs. steel** 0.1 - 0.2
    Max. service temp. [°C]**** 300
    General remark All given data are approximate values, they depend on application, environment and test condition.
    *Coating hardness HIT[GPa] Measured by nano indentation according to ISO 14577. For multilayers the hardness of the different layers varies.
    **Coefficient of friction (dry) vs. steel Determined by ball-on-disc test in dry condition with an Steel ball according to ASTM G99. During run-in the given values may be exceeded.
    ****Max. service temp. [°C] These are approximate values out of the field. Due to thermodynamic laws there is a dependency of pressure in application.
  • Application

    Recommendation Application

    • Trimming of aluminum sheet metal
    • Plastic injection moulding (dry running of movable tool components)
    • Systems without lubrication (clean room or foodstuffs technology) FDA approved.
    • Plastics injection sliding & wear parts not melt touching:
    • Ejector pins, guide pins & bushes, mould sliding parts.

    Tools applications

    • Metal Forming Metal Forming

      BALINIT and BALITHERM treated dies stay in shape longer

    • Plastics processing Plastics processing

      The benchmark for injection moulding and extrusion

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