BALINIT ALDURA High-performance and reliable machining of the hardest materials

Mill extremely hard materials - with ALDURA coated tools
ALDURA coated round tip end mill
BALINIT ALDURA coated for endmill

The machining of hardened steels of up to 65 HRC is a really tough challenge for tool and die manufacturers. The cutting edges of solid carbide end mills in particular are subjected to enormous stress during chip breakage and compression.

Our high-performance BALINIT® ALDURA coating was developed specifically for these conditions. The dual coating provides for smooth heat dissipation during roughing and finishing with solid carbide tools, and facilitates fast hot chip removal.

With its very high cutting edge stability, excellent oxidation resistance and hot hardness, ALDURA has all of the qualities required for efficient hard machining, which in turn makes your work much more productive.

  • Application

    Recommendation Application

    Complete machining of hardened and tempered steels (45 to 65 HRC)

    - Carbide milling cutters and modular milling cutters
    - Carbide indexable inserts
    - Carbide drills

    Tools applications

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