BALINIT ADVANCED SeriesGood times for exact edges

Improved stability, especially of edge zones, thanks to ADVANCED Series coatings.

Punching and forming tools and pressure die-casting moulds are subjected to heavy loads, especially at the edges. ADVANCED Series coatings provide significantly higher performance than the corresponding basic coatings. Their improved support effect, especially in edge zones, can prolong tool life by as much as 100%.

These coatings thus provide an alternative to CVD or TD (Toyoda Diffusion) treatment when extended tool service is required.

Oerlikon Balzers PVD ADVANCED technology prevents geometric and dimensional changes, and maintains, or even improves overall performance. ADVANCED versions of the BALINIT® coatings FUTURA NANO, LUMENA, and ALCRONA PRO are currently available.

The improved support effect of ADVANCED coatings, in particular in edge zones, makes them ideal for punching, sheet metal and bulk forming, and for aluminium die-casting.

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