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Components BALINIT CNI coatings increase surface hardness and protect components against seizure and abrasion


Food processing machine components must function within a corrosive and abrasive environment. Austenitic stainless steels are widely used to prevent corrosion, but have the disadvantage of being soft (300 HV) and highly susceptible to wear caused by sliding motion. This problem is compounded by the fact that operation with lubrication is often not possible.

BALINIT® CNI makes your food processing more reliable

BALINIT® CNI, a sputtered chromium nitride coating, increases surface hardness and protects components against seizure and abrasion. BALINIT® CNI is used to protect poultry and pork circular blade knives, grinding and emulsifying plates, stuffing and dicing plates, as well as for separating drums, homogenizer plungers, jam filling, cereal and dough extruders, and many other parts.

BALINIT® CNI provides effective protection against wear and corrosion. BALINIT® coatings moreover suppress deposit formation and/or make such deposits easier to remove.

The advantages of using BALINIT® CNI coated components:
  • Higher surface hardness and therefore less abrasion by particles
  • Reduced risk of galling due to ceramic-like surface
  • Damage-free cleaning due to increased surface hardness
  • FDA approval

The BALINIT® CNI coating has been approved by the FDA and the USDA for the production of packaging for the food industry.

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