The smooth revolution: BALIQ Coatings that write history - Oerlikon Balzers’ S3p technology-based, next-generation coating family.

The smooth revolution: BALIQ

Wear-protection with revolutionary characteristics, that pushes HiPIMS to the next level. A technological milestone has been reached: BALIQ™ - the next-generation coating family from Oerlikon Balzers. Based on S3p technology (Scalable Pulsed Power Plasma), it pushes HiPIMS to the next level, by combining the advantages of arc and sputtering technologies: high ionisation and virtually droplet-free coatings. The result is BALIQ™, a new family of wear-resistant, extremely smooth and dense coatings, for a unique spectrum of applications. You benefit from new possibilities transcending anything seen before – with coatings tailored precisely to your needs.

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