DLC coatings and other carbon-based coatings Extremely hard, highly wear and corrosion resistant for best sliding properties

DLC coatings and other carbon-based coatings

DLC stands for “Diamond-Like Carbon”, a coating that provides unparalleled properties: low friction, high hardness, and high corrosion resistance. Whenever wear protection and good sliding are the required features, DLC and other carbon-based coatings are the perfect solution.

When best sliding properties are required, diamond-like carbon (DLC) and other carbon -based coatings are best suited. They are extremely hard, and their low friction coefficient and high wear protection make them vital for injection systems, valve trains and everywhere else, where seizing up and cold welding must be prevented.

The qualities of DLC and carbon-based coatings make them ideal for low lubrication and even dry running applications.

  • Extremely hard
  • Reduces adhesive wear
  • Low friction
  • Good sliding properties
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