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2019 at a Glance

  • Group sales was maintained while order intake was slightly lower compared to the prior year despite market weakness.
  • Group EBITDA margin was lower due to investments and exceptional expenses related to restructuring. Excluding the exceptional items, EBITDA margin was 15.1%.
  • Surface solutions business developed broadly in line with market developments.
  • A high level of orders and sales was sustained and doubledigit operating profitability was achieved in the manmade fibers business.
  • Successfully closed sale of the drive systems business to Dana Incorporated on February 28, 2019.
  • Share buyback program launched to repurchase up to 10% of share capital over the next 36 months.
  • Shareholders voted at 2019 AGM to increase the Board of Directors to seven members, four of whom are non-affiliated to the major shareholder.
  • Philipp Müller assumed role as CFO, effective January 1, 2020, replacing retired CFO, Jürg Fedier.
  • Proposing a dividend payout of CHF 1.00 per share.
  • First productivity program initiated in 2019. Second phase of the program is being worked on. Program goals are to expand market reach, improve capital, operational and administrative efficiency and boost profitability in the medium term.

2.6 bn

2.6 bn


¹ Includes CHF 25 million of exceptional
expenses related to restructuring.

Excl. exceptional items 15.1%

-66 bn

² Includes CHF -284 million of non-cash cumulative translation differences and other items from other comprehensive income related to the divestment of the Drive Systems Segment.

322 million

³ Before changes in net current assets.

333 million


² Includes CHF -284 million of non-cash cumulative translation differences and other items from other comprehensive income related to the divestment of the Drive Systems Segment.


⁴ Include an extraordinary dividend of CHF 0.65 per share.

Leading Technology & Engineering Group

Oerlikon engineers materials, equipment and surfaces and provides expert services to enable customers to have high-performance products, solutions and systems with desired functions and extended lifespans. The Group is committed to continually investing in and delivering value adding technologies, products and services for customers to meet challenges in their markets.

A global technology company founded in Switzerland, Oerlikon looks back on almost 100 years of tradition in engineering and innovation. Today, the Group operates its business in two segments – Surface Solutions and Manmade Fibers. It has a global footprint of more than 11 100 employees at 182 locations in 37 countries and generated sales of CHF 2.6 billion in 2019.

Surface Solutions Segment

A world-leading supplier offering advanced materials and surface technologies. The segment has over 80 years of know-how in the field of engineering and developing advanced materials and surface solutions for compo­nents and tools used in a wide range of industrial appli­cations where superior materials and surface perfor­mance are required. Progressing from surface to struc­ture, the additive manufacturing business was established within the segment.

Manmade Fibers Segment

A world market leader for solutions and systems used in manufacturing manmade fibers. The segment has 98 years of expertise in enabling customers to produce high-quality synthetic fibers. These fibers are processed into clothing, carpets, safety belts, airbags, hygiene products, industrial textiles and geotextiles. The segment also offers consulting, engineering, life cycle manage­ment and smart (Industry 4.0-based) plant solutions.

Delivering Customer Value

Oerlikon’s technologies and services are engineered to enhance the performance of customers’ industrial components and production systems. They enable efficiency gains, savings in cost, energy and resources and extend the lifetime of tools and components. They empower customers to do things they could not do before.

Oerlikon’s surface solutions enhance material and surface properties to provide over 20 possible functions like wear, thermal, abrasion, corrosion and environmental protection. The company’s solutions address the challenges faced by industries and customers. The treated surface now has a purpose and added value for the customer.

Oerlikon’s manmade fibers equipment and systems are optimally designed to support the balance between cost reduction, production efficiency and consistent quality. Customers benefit from reduced energy consumption and a smaller equipment footprint for the production of filaments, yarns and nonwovens.