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The Gardner Metalworking Business Index, an important proxy for the global tooling market, reached an all-time high in February of 2018, supporting the positive develpment in this market in 2018.

According to the Global Tooling Market 2017-2021 report, this market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 6 % over this period. For general industries, an annual growth of 3.4 % in 2018-2020 is expected. Oerlikon’s technology adds value to almost any industry in helping to extend the life-span of tools and components.

Enabling sharper, stronger and more durable tools


of FY 2018 Surface Solutions revenue


Industry expected CAGR 2019 – 2023  (These are projected industry growth rates from sources including company reports, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, McKinsey and others.)


Technological and market leadership with global availability of solutions enable unique full service performance in terms of quality, process stability, delivery time and consistency.


Clients need to increase tool efficiency while at the same time extend replacement cycles.


Oerlikon provides coating services and equipment via a global network to leading tool manufacturers.


Coatings extend the lifetime of tools up to 67 %.