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As global demand for energy increases due to improved infrastructure, economic development and a growing population, more and more solutions will be required to fill the need for power.

Global oil supply remained steady amid output changes from OPEC’s largest contributor, Saudi Arabia, but supported by increased oil exploration in the U.S. and Canada. According to the BP Energy Outlook 2018, the makeup of total energy is predicted to shift as oil and coal use decreases and renewables make up over 20 % of total power generation by 2040. The fundamental drivers such as emerging policies, expanding investor interest and advancing technologies are supporting this growth for renewables. Oerlikon offers solutions to meet the needs of the ever-changing energy landscape.

Empowering the way to effectively generate energy


of FY 2018 Surface Solutions revenue


ndustry-expected CAGR 2019 – 2023 (2 These are projected industry growth rates from sources including company reports, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, McKinsey and others.)


Oerlikon offers reliable high-end materials, equipment and surface coatings for power generation and holds a unique, strong market position for gas turbine components.


Clients need to improve turbine efficiency while increasing time between overhaul and reducing emissions.


Oerlikon delivers materials, equipment and services for thermal spray and provides thin-film coating services.


An overall efficiency increase of 2 % at a 530 megawatt (MW) gas turbine.