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According to the textile book “The Fiber Year 2018”, the world fiber market saw renewed growth after reaching an all-time high of 103 million tons, an increase of 4 %, in 2018.

This increase is a welcome signal for growth after four consecutive years of slowing growth rates in the market. The manmade fibers market is expected to continue growing faster than the natural fibers market, driven by population and industrial growth. With manmade fibers comprising 69 % of the global market, Oerlikon technologies can meet the needs of the growing industry, 
serving a very broad range of applications, ranging from apparel, home textiles and hygiene products to geotextiles and industrial textiles.

Energy-efficient and sustainable technologies for the entire production process


of FY 2018 Manmade Fibers revenue


Industry-expected CAGR 2019  –  2023 (These are projected industry growth rates from sources including company reports, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, McKinsey and others.)


Oerlikon offers innovative and market-leading technologies for the entire production process – from melt to yarn, fibers and nonwovens – from a single source.


Clients need to improve quality and increase efficiency in production while reducing labor and maintenance costs.


Oerlikon’s optimally designed equipment supports the balance between cost reduction, production efficiency and consistent quality while enabling the reduction of energy consumption and a smaller equipment footprint.


Energy savings of up to 30 % in manmade fibers production is achieved compared to competing systems.