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The demand for Oerlikon technologies is fueled by the need for better performance, efficiencies and sustainability.

In the mid term, Oerlikon’s key markets are expected to have a CAGR of 2 % to 4 % over the next five years. To seize growth opportunities, Oerlikon is addressing engineering, technology and service challenges in each market in close cooperation with customers.

General industries and tooling

The world’s leading and most respected tool manufacturers apply Oerlikon technologies to improve tool productivity and lifetime.

Size estimates for the global machine tool market in 2020 are as high as USD 120 billion, suggesting a CAGR of more than 6 %. While that view appears to be high, the recent pickup in industrial production across a number of industries in 2017 lends support to that optimism. The category of general industries encompasses a broad range, including consumer goods, medical, food packaging and engineering. Overall CAGR for general industries from 2018 to 2020 is estimated at 3.4 %.

Industry challenges
  • In tooling, stable tool life is a critical aspect of a stable production process to ensure quality, performance, productivity and  the overall factory output
  • In manufacturing, there is an overall need to minimize friction, reduce wear and enhance reliability across a range of products, equipment and machinery
  • In the medical (including dental) market, biocompatibility are essential for positive outcomes
  • Standardized and customized coatings from Oerlikon can help increase the hardness and strength of the underlying material, and at the same time provide wear, friction and corrosion protection. Coatings are thus highly effective for preserving and extending the useful life of tools and components, and for improving the performance, reliability and throughput of machine tools, even those that need to withstand high temperatures and pressures
  • Coatings can overcome the challenge of mechanically engineered components that operate under extreme conditions such as high loads, rapid sliding speeds or poor lubrication
  • Oerlikon coatings on surgical tools and parts increase survival and success rates by enabling critical functions such as  antiglare and improved biocompatibility and durability of in-body parts and implants