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The demand for Oerlikon technologies is fueled by the need for better performance, efficiencies and sustainability.

In the mid term, Oerlikon’s key markets are expected to have a CAGR of 2 % to 4 % over the next five years. To seize growth opportunities, Oerlikon is addressing engineering, technology and service challenges in each market in close cooperation with customers.


More than half of the world’s top ten car manufacturers use Oerlikon technologies to increase component lifetime and reduce fuel consumption.

Industry analysts forecast that global light vehicle sales could total 93.5 million units in 2017, representing a 1.5 % increase over 2016. Yet, even with continued growth, there is little room for complacency in the automotive industry, as it contends with profound disruptive forces including rigorous emission standards, the move to lighter, more efficient vehicles, the need for diverse powertrain solutions including for battery and fuel cell electric vehicles, and the demand for connectivity and digitalization – all adding to the cost of manufacturing cars for OEMs and suppliers.

Industry challenges
  • Reduce fuel consumption, emissions and vehicle weight, for example, using smaller, lighter engines
  • Smaller engines improve fuel efficiency but their fewer cylinders are under higher pressure and cause stress on smaller parts, while exhaust gas recycling, start-stop systems and turbo chargers create engine corrosion issues
  • Modern, higher torque transmission systems offer increased performance but have more gears, presenting synchronization  and friction challenges
  • An emerging issue is the environmental impact from the high level of fine dust caused by brake discs
  • The look of chrome appeals to customers but chromium plating is noxious and environmentally damaging
  • Increasing demand for e-mobility and battery solutions
  • Oerlikon coatings improve the performance and durability of engine components by reducing friction and wear, thereby improving fuel and oil efficiency and lowering emission
  • For smoother-shifting transmissions, Oerlikon offers synchronizer and friction reduction technologies that increase  performance, lower weight, improve wear resistance and lower costs
  • Using Oerlikon coating technologies can strongly reduce air pollution while increasing the durability of brake discs
  • Oerlikon’s ePD technology provides environmentally friendly, eye-pleasing and chrome-look plastic metallization
  • Oerlikon offers coating solutions for new parts and components (e.g. molds) required for e-mobility